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Safety & Security

Safety & Security is a Priority at Kids R Kids
As soon as you walk into our center you will appreciate how strong our commitment to security is. Our reception area includes a secure password protected sign-in area to ensure only authorized pick-ups. You will see several cameras and our closed-circuit monitors that are in plain view at all times. Many cameras also feed into our on-line camera viewing feature.

"Smile - Your on Kids R Kids Camera!"
At Kids R Kids, the safety and security of your child is our number one priority. A combination of Closed Circuit Television Monitoring and Taping, internet viewing, and security key cards for all parents and staff helps ensure that the center is among the safest in the nation.

At the Waterford Main Center and Enrichment center, cameras are strategically placed throughout the classrooms and common areas. This allows us to view and observe teachers and children throughout the day. Parents can view the classrooms from the lobby areas at any time. Other cameras in the classrooms are used for off-site internet viewing.

At Kids R Kids we offer internet camera viewing as a standard feature, included in your regular tuition. We have a selection of cameras that feed into this feature. Parents love the ability to log on to their account and choose from several cameras to view their children.  Your kids will be as close as an internet connection. 

Every Point of Entry Requires Key Card
The security key cards are used for gaining access to each point of entry at Waterford Lakes and Avalon Park. The system also allows the Kids R Kids management to block entry for any individual or any location because they are assigned and programmed individually further enhancing our security measures.

In addition to these systems there are other safety and security features built-in. In Avalon Park, the open center allows parents and staff to have full view at all times. At the Waterford Lakes locations, the classrooms are separated by tempered glass walls which give teachers and parents full view of classrooms at all times. This makes for a very safe and secure environment because there are no areas that are out of view. This is an original Kids R Kids design element which many competitors have copied over the years, to which we say “Bravo!”

We Take Employee Screening Very Seriously
All staff have the following screenings on file: Orange County Sheriff, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Federal Bureau of Investigation. For tenured employees, the screenings are repeated every five years and the Directors are screened annually. References are thoroughly checked and documented. The Department of children and families closely monitors this process for all DCF licensed centers.
Practicing Safety is Mandatory at Kids R Kids
Our schools practice monthly fire drills, quarterly bus evacuation, quarterly inclement weather drills and quarterly “stranger-danger” drills which include a lock-down procedure and a “retreat” procedure. These drills are recorded in our log and are reviewed by the Department of Children and Families and our Corporate Office Quality Assurance Department. At any time you would like to discuss any of these processes further or have suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to the Owner, Christy Delk or any Member of the management team because safety and security is our number one priority.

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